Easy Method – How to Add 3 Years on a Date in Excel – [2024]

Have you ever needed to add or subtract years from a date in Excel? Maybe you’re trying to calculate future dates or track historical data. Excel offers various functions and formulas to perform date calculations efficiently. But what if I told you there’s an easy method to add 3 years to a date in Excel?

Imagine saving time and effort with just a few simple steps. No more struggling with complex formulas or searching through Excel’s extensive functions. With this easy method, you’ll be able to add 3 years to any date in Excel effortlessly.

So, are you ready to discover this time-saving technique? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways:

  • Adding years to a date in Excel can be done easily using the EDATE function.
  • The formula “=EDATE(A1,36)” adds 3 years to a date in cell A1.
  • You can customize the formula to add or subtract any number of years from a date.
  • Excel’s date functions make date calculations efficient and accurate.
  • Mastering date calculations in Excel can save you time and improve productivity.

Other Methods for Adding and Subtracting Years from a Date in Excel

In addition to using the EDATE function, there are other methods available in Excel to add and subtract years from a date. These methods involve using a combination of Excel date functions and formulas for date manipulation and arithmetic.

If you prefer using basic Excel functions, you can utilize the combination of the DATE, YEAR, MONTH, and DAY functions. This allows you to add or subtract years while maintaining the original month and day values.

For example, to add 3 years to a date in a specific cell, you can use the formula:


The above formula retrieves the year from cell A1 using the YEAR function, adds 3 to it, and then combines it with the month and day values from cell A1. This results in the date with 3 years added.

To subtract years, you can simply replace the “+” sign with a “-” sign in the formula. This allows you to subtract the desired number of years from the original date.

  1. First, select the cell where you want the result to appear.

  2. In the formula bar, enter the formula.

  3. Press Enter to apply the formula and display the updated date.

These formulas can be customized to add or subtract any number of years from a date, providing flexibility in your Excel date calculations.


Let’s say you have the following table with dates:


To add 3 years to each of these dates, you can use the formula =DATE(YEAR(A2)+3, MONTH(A2), DAY(A2)) and apply it to each row:

DateUpdated Date (Added 3 Years)

Using these methods, you can easily perform date arithmetic in Excel by adding or subtracting years to or from a specific date. This allows for flexible date manipulation and accurate calculations within your Excel spreadsheets.

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