How to Open HEIC File in Windows 10: Quick and Easy Guide

The High-Efficacy Image Coding (HEIC) files are increasingly popular particularly for Apple devices. Yet, Windows 10 users may face some difficulties when opening these files. In this article we’ll look at various options for opening the HEIC file in Windows 10, including native tools as well as conversion options and applications from third party software. We’ll also talk about how you can properly backup and secure your HEIC files to ensure that they remain safe and accessible.

Key Takeaways: How to Open HEIC File in Windows 10

  • Windows 10 requires additional setup to be able to open HEIC files. This can be accomplished by via Microsoft’s native Windows Photo app and installing the required HEIF extensions for images.
  • The conversion of HEIC file in JPG is a popular solution to compatibility issues that can be done with the internet or off-line programs and the option of batch conversion for many files.
  • Third-party software such as Adobe Lightroom, Apowersoft Photo Viewer as well as File Viewer Plus, provide more extensive support for editing and viewing HEIC files.
  • Security of HEIC files is vital and users can use cloud storage services or local backup software like MiniTool ShadowMaker to protect their files.
  • Knowing the benefits and problems associated of HEIC files can assist users to make informed choices about how to handle and utilize the files in Windows 10.

Understanding HEIC Files on Windows 10

What Is an HEIC File?

It is the HEIC File format which stands in High-Efficiency Imaging Coding is an advanced image format that is known for its efficacy in compressing high-quality images into smaller files. How do I open the HEIC file within Windows 10 becomes a relevant concern since the format isn’t supported by all platforms. HEIC is a format that was taken up by Apple beginning with iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra and is built on the HEIF standard created in MPEG. Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG).

open HEIC files for Windows 10 requires understanding its benefits as well as potential problems. This format is created to reduce storage space without losing image quality, which makes it an appealing option for people with large collections of photos. However, compatibility is difficult, as not all software and devices are able to support HEIC file extensions natively.

In order to successfully Open HEIC File, users may require installing additional codecs, or utilize conversion tools to ensure compatibility with their programs and devices.

For those who are wondering how to open the HEIC file in Windows 10, the procedure may require some additional steps in comparison to other formats such as JPG. Here’s a quick overview:

  1. Make sure that you Windows 10 system has the necessary HEIF extension extensions for images installed.
  2. Make use of Windows Photo App Windows Photo App or a third-party photo viewer that is compatible with the HEIC.
  3. You might consider the possibility of converting HEIC file to a universally compatible format, such as JPG if you require.

Benefits of Using HEIC Format

Introduction of the HEIC format developed by Apple as a an element of the HEIF standard it has led to significant changes in the storage of images and their quality. HEIC files provide the same image quality as JPEGs however, they are nearly half the size and thus are an effective option for storage that doesn’t compromise in image quality.

The compatibility of HEIC files with current Apple devices means that Apple users will be able to enjoy these benefits without hassle. However for Windows users it is possible that additional steps are necessary to access and manage these files.

  • Same quality, smaller size
  • Features advanced features, such as live images and transparency
  • 16-bit color depth in comparison to JPEG’s 8-bit

The capacity of HEIC to store several images in a single file in addition to the capability to use transparency and higher color depth makes it an ideal option for mobile and photographer users too.

Although the format is new, its use is increasing, and using tools like ‘ HEIC PNG – Offline Converter and the HEIC Converter: HEIC to JPG and the conversion of HEIC into PNG’ Windows users can also benefit from the benefits of this format. These tools ensure that vital EXIF information remains intact, while preserving the quality and detail that the pictures display.

Common Problems Common Issues HEIC Windows Files Windows

Although Windows 10 provides support for HEIC files, users frequently have issues trying to open the files. The main issue is that there’s no the native HEIC support that requires additional steps to open these high-efficiency photos. To resolve this issue the user may have to install third-party applications such as CopyTrans HEIC or search for alternative methods of conversion.

  • Compatibility issues with old software
  • Errors while opening default applications
  • Confused about the settings for file association

It is important to keep in mind it is that even when you have the best equipment, HEIC files may still pose challenges because of their relatively recently introduced to Windows platforms.

Another issue that is frequently encountered is errors that are encountered when trying to browse HEIC files through Windows Photo. Windows Photo app. The solution is often by making sure that the required HEIF Image Extensions are in place. The users should take note of the necessity to update their software, as described within the release notes for Beta Channel and Current Channel (Preview) on Microsoft Learn for a better their compatibility HEIC files.

Opening HEIC Files using Native Windows Tools

Using the Windows Photo App

It is the Windows Photo app is a handy tool for opening HEIC file in Windows 10. To begin, click onto the HEIC file you want to open and the Photos app will be able to open the file without issue. If it’s the first experience opening an HEIC file it will ask for you to install the required HEVC Video Extension from the Microsoft Store. This is a once-only configuration that will allow users to open HEIC files with ease in the future.

Photos is a great app for viewing photos. Photos program isn’t just a photo viewer, it also comes with basic editing tools and sharing options. It is easy to change the rotation, delete or create slideshows from your photos. Sharing your best moments is as simple with the option of sending photos via email or social media directly via the application. For those who want to arrange their pictures this app will simplify the process by allowing users to browse and organize your collection in a way that is efficient.

While Windows Photo Windows Photo app provides a array of functions but it’s important to know that it also has advanced functions like layers, blending options, and more than 100 effects that can enhance your photos professionally.

Here’s a short guide on opening HEIC files using Microsoft’s Windows Photo App:

  1. Enter Win+E to launch File Explorer.
  2. Double-click and locate on the HEIC file.
  3. If you are prompted to download by a prompt, download If you are prompted, download the HEVC Video Extension from the Microsoft Store.

Installing Necessary HEIF Image Extensions

To fully accept the HEIC format for Windows 10, installing the HEIF extensions for images is a vital step. These extensions let your system to access HEIC images directly in default photo application.

Follow these easy steps to install HEIF image extensions available from Microsoft Store: Microsoft Store:

  1. Navigate to the Microsoft Store Page.
  2. Locate the HEIF Image Extensions.
  3. Click on the “Get” button to begin the installation.

Also, think about adding HEVC Video Extensions since HEIC files make use of the HEVC codec to compress. Both extensions are accessible for free.

Be aware that having the proper extensions in place can solve some of the issues that are common that arise with HEIC documents on Windows.

To help further For further assistance, the website’s webpage provides Windows 10 and Windows 11 troubleshooting suggestions which include fixing common errors as well as changing the system’s settings. If you experience problems with your graphics card like issues with display or driver updates look up the manual to fix graphics card issues in Windows 10.

Troubleshooting Common Opening Errors

When you try opening HEIC files in Windows 10, you may be faced with errors that block the images from being displayed. Resetting the extension HEIF is a typical solution for these problems. To reset it, go into settings > apps > Applications & features Select to open the HEIF image extension option, then follow the instructions to reset the extension.

If you’re experiencing frequent errors, you should consider using a trusted software for recovery and backup, such as EaseUS Todo Back. This will help you avoid bad image errors as well as other issues with your system that could hinder the capacity to read HEIC files. In addition running an System File Checker (SFC) scan, using Automatic Repair, or performing a System Restore can also resolve the underlying Windows issues.

Keep in mind that keeping your software and system up-to-date is essential to avoid opening errors when using HEIC files. Make sure to check regularly the latest updates for the compatibility of your system and ensure smooth operation.

Converting HEIC Files to JPG Format

Online Conversion Tools

If you want convert HEIC images to JPG without the need to install or installing any program, the online converters can be a great solution. Upload your HEIC file to the site, and then take a download of the transformed JPGs. This process is generally free and can support large-scale conversions which makes it perfect to handle large volumes of files.

  • Online tools provide a variety of functions:
    • Download and uploading is simple.
    • No software installation required
    • Assistance for conversion of batches

Make sure you read the privacy policies of the website to ensure that your photos are secure.

Although online tools can be useful but they could be limited by factors such as limitations on file size or poor image quality following conversion. It’s essential to choose an established service provider to ensure authenticity of the photos.

Offline Software Solutions

If you don’t want to depend on connectivity via the internet There are a variety of offline software options that can help you convert HEIC files to other formats that are widely accepted such as JPG. Adobe DNG Converter is a popular option that is available on the Microsoft Apps store, which does not just convert DNG in JPG but can also support ProRAW and other formats like PNG as well as GIF. Another useful software includes HEIC Viewer which is also available on Microsoft Apps and offers the ease of displaying HEIC files and then converting to various formats like JPG, PNG, and even PDF.

For those who have to convert large quantities of HEIC files These offline tools could be very helpful. They typically have the ability to process several files at once, thereby saving your time and energy. Below is a list the most important features to look out for in an offline converter

  • Capabilities for batch conversion
  • Support for various output formats
  • Interface that is user-friendly
  • No quality loss during conversion

Be aware that while online tools can be useful to convert your photos quickly offline options offer the security and reliability not having to upload private photos to a third-party server.

Batch Conversion for Multiple Files

If you are dealing with a huge quantity of HEIC files Batch conversion can be an absolute lifesaver. batch processing lets you convert multiple HEIC file types to JPG format in a single step which can save you a considerable quantity of effort and time. The majority of conversion tools have this option, however the procedure may differ between the various software.

For a batch conversion generally, you must:

  1. Choose all HEIC files you would like to convert.
  2. Choose the output format which would be JPG.
  3. Begin the conversion process, and wait until it is finish.

While batch conversion can be useful however, you must check the files that you have created to confirm that all images are properly converted and to your complete satisfaction.

If you need conversion of HEIC files often choosing an efficient offline solution or using a reliable online service can simplify the process. Make sure that the software you select supports batch conversion. function of batch conversion and provides the speed and quality you need.

Leveraging Third-Party Software

Adobe Lightroom for Advanced Editing

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful tool for amateur photographers and those who want to take their photo editing to a professional standard. With its extensive collection of tools for editing, Lightroom permits users to modify the brightness, color temperature contrast, exposure, and more giving full ability to control your HEIC image’s final appearance.

To enable Adobe Lightroom as the default photo viewer for HEIC files take these steps:

  • Select ‘Apps’ in Windows Settings.
  • Go to the menu ‘Default Apps.
  • Click on ‘Photo Viewer’.
  • Select Adobe Lightroom from the list.

After setting the option to open the HEIC file will start Lightroom which will streamline your workflow. Its connection to Adobe Creative Cloud also ensures that edits you make are accessible across different devices and makes it a flexible option to manage and edit the HEIC file.

The subscription options for Adobe Lightroom give you several options that can meet your requirements. The Lightroom plan and the Photography plan priced at $9.99/month and you can also choose the Creative Cloud All Apps plan starting at $52.99/month.

Keep in mind that, even though Lightroom allows for advanced editing It’s equally important to resolve common issues with opening to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience. Resetting privacy settings, installing drivers, and confirming the permissions of antivirus can assist to resolve common camera problems in Windows 10, which may impact how HEIC files are handled.

Apowersoft Photo Viewer for Quick Access

For users who want to gain accessibility to HEIC images without the need for complex editing tools, Apowersoft Photo Viewer offers an efficient solution. It is easy to navigate your gallery of images by using an easy-to-use one-click zoom and browsing using arrows. Its intuitive design that comes with Apowersoft Photo Viewer caters to professional photographers as well as those who just want to browse.

Although it is a simple application however, it is important to be aware of certain limitations. Apowersoft Photo Viewer doesn’t offer advanced features, such as layering or the clone stamp and it might not work with certain types of files for example, RAW pictures or panoramic ones. In addition, the interface isn’t designed specifically for touch devices. This may be a disadvantage for certain users.

For a quick introduction to Apowersoft Foto Viewer, follow these steps:

Go to the Apowersoft website to download the desktop version.
Install the program to the Windows 10 machine.
Start the application and select the menu with three dots to choose and open files. HEIC files.

The app is no cost, which makes it a feasible alternative for people who require a reliable image viewer that is not any additional cost.

File Viewer Plus for Versatile File Support

File Viewer Plus is an outstanding all-inclusive file manager with support for many different formats for files, such as HEIC. To start, select the ” Start Free choice from the File Viewer Plus website, install the program, and then launch it. After that, clicking the File menu, then ‘Open’ lets you choose and browse your HEIC files easily.

The program is not only multi-functional, but also user-friendly which makes it an ideal option for casual users as well as professionals. Although the File Viewer Plus 4 is priced at $58.99 There is also an option to test the program for free, which gives the chance to test its capabilities prior to purchasing.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive service that extends beyond just viewing and viewing, File Viewer Plus has additional features that meet different needs, ranging from basic access to files, to more advanced task of managing files.

Backing Up and Protecting Your HEIC Files

Using Cloud Storage Solutions

Cloud storage solutions provide an easy way to backup and secure all of your HEIC files. Through services like Google Photos, you can upload unlimited numbers of videos and images and access them to your files from anywhere with Internet access. Integration of photo viewing together with cloud storage helps to manage your photos and also adds a an additional layer of protection for backups.

Benefits of cloud storage to store HEIC documents:

  • Access to online images on any device
  • The streamlining of photo management
  • Easy recovery and backup protection
  • It facilitates collaboration as well as sharing

Although cloud storage has many advantages, it’s essential not to overlook any potential shortcomings, like the lack of strong cloud integration capabilities in certain applications, or the possibility of duplicates in uploading images previously stored.

Be sure to keep your operating system, and make use of security software that can ensure that you are protected from crucial mistakes that may affect your information. Furthermore, software such as CopyTrans Cloudly can make how you upload the HEIC images to ICloud. This will help in preserving the structure of your album and the elimination of duplicates.

Local Backup using MiniTool ShadowMaker

The backup of the HEIC files is essential to ensure that your data is not lost. MiniTool ShadowMaker is a simple solution to protect your data. Begin by opening the program and then navigating through the backup page. You can choose the HEIC files you want to protect by selecting Files and Folders in the section SOURCE. Then, specify your backup destination.

Make sure you have enough storage space for your backup in order to ensure that there are no interruptions in the process.

After you’ve set up the destination and source, click ‘Back Up Now’ to initiate the backup right away. It’s crucial to make backups frequently to keep your information current.

Be aware that even though MiniTool ShadowMaker is a powerful tool to backup your local data It’s also advisable to look at multiple backup options to increase the security of your data.

Best Practices for HEIC File Management

The management of your HEIC files efficiently will ensure their durability and access. Make sure to regularly update your software for managing files to stay in line with the most current HEIC formats. Make use of specific folders to store HEIC files to facilitate organization and retrieval.

  • Always backup the HEIC files to prevent losing data.
  • Convert HEIC files to more widely accepted formats such as JPG or PNG to make them more compatible with.
  • Make sure that your software is up-to current to be compatible with the most recent HEIC standards.

Be aware that effective file management is about ensuring that there is an equilibrium between security, accessibility, and the quality.

If you customize the look of their Windows environment consistent managing files is essential. As you would make use of tools like GIMP or Inkscape to design customized icons, you should consider making use of reliable software to manage all of your HEIC files. When you want to convert HEIC to different formats, you should use specifically designed software which is high-quality like TunesBro HEIC Convertor or AnyConv particularly when handling large volumes of.


The wide world of HEIC files on Windows 10 can be a difficult task However, with the proper tools and expertise you can open, browse, and even convert these high-efficiency photos effortlessly. If you prefer to utilize Microsoft’s native Windows Photo app with the necessary extensions, choose third-party programs such as Adobe Lightroom or VLC Media Player, or convert HEIC files to a universally compatible format, such as JPG There are options numerous.

Make sure to backup all of your HEIC files to prevent loss of data. Also, do not hesitate to utilize online resources or tools for conversion whenever you need to. By following this guideline you’ll be able to manage HEIC documents with ease on Windows 10 with ease. Windows 10 system without any trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the definition of an HEIC file?

A HEIC image file can be described as a High-Efficiency File format that is used mostly by Apple devices running iOS 11, and subsequent. It’s a well-known format for its superior compression techniques over standard formats such as JPEG that allow for smaller file sizes, without losing quality of the image.

What’s wrong with me? with opening HEIC file with Windows 10?

Although Windows 10 supports HEIC files however, it requires installation of HEIF Image Extensions available from Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store. If the extensions aren’t properly installed or updated you might encounter issues in opening HEIC files.

How do I access HEIC file using Windows 10?

To open HEIC file for viewing on Windows 10, use the Windows Photo app. If you are unable to access HEIC documents, then you might require downloading the HEVC Video Extension from the Microsoft Store to enable support for HEIC format within the Photos application.

What options do I have in the event that I’m unable to access HEIC documents on Windows?

If you’re not able to open HEIC files on your own they can be converted into a more compatible format such as JPG by using software online, offline programs or even multimedia players such as VLC Media Player that support HEIC format.

Are Adobe Lightroom a good option to open HEIC files?

It’s true, Adobe Lightroom is an excellent option to open and edit HEIC files, as it is compatible with the format and has advanced editing tools. Make sure it’s set as the default viewers to view HEIC file types in the Windows settings.

How can I backup the HEIC files to avoid data loss?

To safeguard you HEIC files, you should consider using cloud storage services such as Dropbox to make it easy to access your files to your devices, or even create local backups using programs like MiniTool ShadowMaker. Be sure to follow the best practices for managing files and regularly scheduled backups.

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